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Last Day Jewelry 40

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Announcing the Winners for the Lduncanapparel Giveaway w/BeautyCutright

Hey Everyone! The Winners! YAY!

Winners must respond by Dec. 1st 11:59pm EST.

Email beautycutright@yahoo.com with the subject title "IM THE WINNER". Do not forward personal shipping information until you recieve a response to do so.

Winner can also go to the Lduncanapparel Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lduncanapparel and inbox "I'M THE WINNER" and make sure to include your email address to authenticate your identity.

Congratulations ladies! =)

See this video to get a glimpes of the next giveaway item.


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Sept 13th Event Blog

Check it out! LDuncanApparel will be in Brooklyn, NY at the "Let Your Hair Down EXPO 2014"presented by Hair Infinity. This highly anticipated event takes place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from Noon-9PM at Sanders Studio, 525 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

Here are some features from the event!

- Hosted by Jenell Stewart Editor-In-Chief of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe! 

- Workshops with Celebrity Hair Stylist Felicia Leatherwood

- Live Demos with Author & Stylist Tameeka-McNeil Johnson aka The Curl Whisperer

- Workshop with Author, Stylist and Trichologist Tiffany Anderson

- Men on Hair Panel

- Fashionista Bloggers!

- Mommy & Me Workshop

- Raffles & Giveaways

- TWO Day Parts [Noon to 4pm & 5pm-9pm] so 2 new audiences for you!

If you are attended, make sure you check out our vendor table. We will have a wide selection of new bags, jewelry, and accessories for the fall. Be sure to stay tuned into our Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram for a giveaway this month hosted by BeautyCutright www.youtube.com/BeautyCutright

For more information and tickets go to www.letyourhairdownexpo.com

Hope to see you there!

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2014-03-18 00.23.17 small

Do you like to wear glasses as an accessory? Non perscriptive glasses are a wonder addition you any hairstyle, head wrap, or hat. Check out these beautiful gold chain linked style with matte black frames from LDuncanApparel, worn by BeautyCutright; a popular beauty guru on YouTube.

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What do you think of this bag! It’s available at www.lduncanapparel.com in black and navy. It is the coolest handbag every! It has a sleek look that is great for the office or for anywhere when you mean business. With three deep pockets, the center pocket is under lock and key. Yes! I said under lock and key. A perfect place to store your personal electronics when you are moving about. Its look is very similar to the Zara bag that most fashion gurus carry and is at a great affordable price! Check out this fashion blogger’s favorite picks from LDuncanApparel and watch this bag unfold.



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We are looking for sponsors for our Annual Dress for Success event on August 17th 2013. If your organization would like to participate, please get in touch with us. Please send an email to laurellduncan@comcast.net and we will send you a Sponsorship proposal. Currently we have no restrictions on the types of businesses that can participate. Feel free to pass this information along to someone you know who may be interested.

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Check out Kelly's review of the Basketweave Hobo bag! (with pictures) We really appreciate her honest review.




star impulse

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We connected Melissa to do a review on the Valentino wallet. Here is what she had to say. http://melanieski.blogspot.com/2013/05/something-special-for-mom-blog-hop.html Also enter to win a wallet and a $5 giftcard to Starbucks. YUMMMMM!

A year of jubilee reviews

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CEO, Laurell Duncan attended the National Association Professional Women Conference on April 26th. 1700 women from all different backgrounds were in attendance. She was able to gain some great contacts. The conference was very inspiring. Moderator, Star Jones gave a powerful speech on seven ways to being successful including the following:

1. Investigate

2. Initiate

3. Insight

4. Information

5. Intention

6. Inspiration

7. GPS for your soul

Laurell had the pleasure of meeting Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and Martha Stewart, the keynote speaker. Laurell also listened to talks from Leslie James Seymour (Editor-In-Chief of More), Monique L. Nelson (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, UniWorld Group), Desiree Rogers (CEO, Johnson Publishing Co, LLC), and Kim Garst (CEO, Boom! Social). The experience was overwhelming to say the least and she learned a lot.

Laurell at NAPW

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Check out Susan's review of the structured two-tone bag and enter to win a handbag!

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Check out Hayley's review of the Bella Tri-Blend Tee & Striped Butterfly Set http://www.hangingoffthewire.com/2013/04/l-duncan-apparel.html

hanging off the wire

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Every day you hear another story about how some celebrity's child has done something regrettable --whether it's extreme partying or causing accidents. It is unfortunate because as the masses we only wish for an eighth of their fortune. Here they are wasting their blessings. We wouldn't encourage envy of their lifestyles. We just wish they would do more with their gifts.
Their family name alone can be the platform they need to achieve anything they want. Some celebrities crack under pressure [insert any tabloid headliner] while others flourish. Using the family name is not always a bad thing. It's simply networking. If you have the opportunity, use it for good and not evil.
follow that drea
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We also hooked up with Amanda at the Nutritionist Reviews and she did a review of the Thumbelina bag. Check it out http://www.nutritionistreviews.com/2013/03/lduncan-apparel-review.html

She also has many great giveaways and recipes.

the nutrionist reviews

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Everyone has their personal struggle before they "make it". We watch these Before They were Stars TV shows and think "Wow they were just like me". You're favorite celebrity may have grown up in New Jersey or use to ride the bus to work everyday.

Famous home maker and fellow New Jerseyan Martha Stewart, had a great background story where she had many jobs before becoming the major brand and household name that she is today. Many people do not know that she use to model taking the train to the city every day. She also worked at a brokerage on Wall Street. More on here story here. We look forward to hearing Martha Stewart speak next month at an event with the National Association of Professional Women.

Just because you weren't born rich doesn't mean you can't be successful. It just takes a willingness to learn even if it's not through traditional means such as school. Martha searched for different ways where she could combine all of her passions. She was very fortunate in being able to do so.
road to success
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When you are thinking of starting your own Business, you have to go about it the right way the FIRST time. Step one being applying for your Tax ID. Next, applying for the necessary License and certifications.  Doing things the right way speaks loudly about your character. Authenticity attracts good business.

When we were first getting started, our CEO attended a webinar at a local college that encouraged using resources online to get incorporated. One of the first steps was obtaining a federal tax id. So she went online to get the id. She started off on the government website and was transferred to another website where she was told there was a fee of $80 to get the id. She paid the $80 and received the id. She was still confused because she was told her tax id should be free. She called the IRS to inquire about this and they confirmed the id should be free. She contacted the company that she obtained the id from and later received a refund.

Everyone needs to be careful when conducting business online. You can easily be scammed. We would recommend handling your business affairs at your local bank where they do everything for you for free.
 tax id
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We have been to our fair share of vendor days. Some good, some bad. It all depends on what you're looking to get out of the experience. Here's our top three tips on making the best out of vendor days.
1. Set a goal - What are you looking to get out of your participation? Profit, new contacts, brand exposure....All three?!? Of course, everyone wants to atleast make back what they spent to attend.
2. Get as much info as possible from the sponsors. - You want to know the basics, start & end times, locations, number and type of attendees expected. If you can get attendee or even vendor contact information you can build your mailing list.
3. Talk to previous attendees. Find out if the event is mostly networking or do attendees come to shop. You don't want to bring a ton of merchandise where the guests are only interested in receiving free samples.
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