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Every traveling woman has her beauty go to items. Here's the 5 things you should always have on hand.

1. Lip Gloss or lip balm - Lip care is vital. It's important to maintain your appearance. It's embarrassing to have dry or cracked lips especially when you're having conversation with someone important. It can also be very painful.  You really want the other person to concentrate on what you're saying NOT on your poorly maintained lips.

2. Lotion - Hand Care is also important. You're going to shake someone's hand and you notice how dry their hands are. Makes you want to run and get your own lotion. Lotion is also good for maintaining your fingernails. Moisture is key to maintaining healthy nails and hands.

3. Small notepad & pen - Had a good idea for a business and then forgot it when you arrived at home? That's the point of carrying a notepad.

4. Mints/gum - You don't want to offend anyone with harsh breath right? Or maybe you have to give someone else a hint that you can small the garlic and onions that they had for lunch....

5. A great bag! You need a place to store all these things.

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The Holidays are a joyous occasion to get together with our loved ones. We enjoy great meals, share stories ---and of course --- exchange gifts. There's always that one person on everyone's list who is extremely difficult to shop for. Worry no more! We got your back with our Holiday gift guide for everyone on your list.


For the lovely women in your life,

The Classic Felt Fedora - This hat can add a jazzy feel to any outfit.

Lovelock - The perfect carry on bag to fit everything you need.

Valentino Serendipity - The perfect make up bag for the glamazon in you life. She's the woman that always looks put together no matter what!

Pearl Girl - This is classic necklace that adds the right amount of flair to that little black dress you plan to wear to the Holiday party


For the strapping gentlemen in your life,

The King - comes in Gray, Green, and Red so you will definitely find the perfect tee to set off your man or your brother's wardrobe.

Fishing Cap in tan, Black/Brown and Black/Gray - The perfect hat to keep your Dad hip this winter season.

Elmer Fudd in Tan, Plaid and Brown - The ultimate warm weather accessory.

Aviators in Silver Smoke, Champagne Smoke, Champagne Toast and Charcoal. - For the super trendy man in your life.

Time to start shopping!!!!!

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Starting in December, our charitable donations program will be focusing on toy donations. We are running TWO campaigns. We are donating toys to Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey AND we are running a Facebook campaign for Toys for Tots. For each new like we get, we are donating $1 to the Toys for Tots program. Our company takes a great interest in family and children's issues. It is very important to us to participate in giving EVERY Holiday Season. After dealing with Hurricane Sandy, many children across the tri-state are without homes and toys. This is the best time to show them that someone still cares about them. We should all try to help these children have a memorable Christmas because of the generousity of others. They are the most innocent and vulnerable victims from the storm. More information on can be found at http://www.toysfortots.org/

So please everyone invite all your friends to like our Facebook page and spread the Holiday cheer!

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Big Thank you to everyone who participated in our Breast Cancer Awareness Month donation program. We raised $100 and sent that to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Breast Cancer is a major issue among women and with the help of this foundation many women and families are able to receive helpful information about this deadly disease.  They are working extremely hard every day to come closer and closer to find a cure for Breast Cancer in the near future.

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We've gone from this:  new_logo_aldridge to this:  LDA-Orange-LOGO-dark-Small


Sometimes the smallest changes make all the difference. Take time to explore our newest handbags and clutches, jewelry and apparel.

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