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Check out Susan's review of the structured two-tone bag and enter to win a handbag!

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Check out Hayley's review of the Bella Tri-Blend Tee & Striped Butterfly Set http://www.hangingoffthewire.com/2013/04/l-duncan-apparel.html

hanging off the wire

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Every day you hear another story about how some celebrity's child has done something regrettable --whether it's extreme partying or causing accidents. It is unfortunate because as the masses we only wish for an eighth of their fortune. Here they are wasting their blessings. We wouldn't encourage envy of their lifestyles. We just wish they would do more with their gifts.
Their family name alone can be the platform they need to achieve anything they want. Some celebrities crack under pressure [insert any tabloid headliner] while others flourish. Using the family name is not always a bad thing. It's simply networking. If you have the opportunity, use it for good and not evil.
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We also hooked up with Amanda at the Nutritionist Reviews and she did a review of the Thumbelina bag. Check it out http://www.nutritionistreviews.com/2013/03/lduncan-apparel-review.html

She also has many great giveaways and recipes.

the nutrionist reviews

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Everyone has their personal struggle before they "make it". We watch these Before They were Stars TV shows and think "Wow they were just like me". You're favorite celebrity may have grown up in New Jersey or use to ride the bus to work everyday.

Famous home maker and fellow New Jerseyan Martha Stewart, had a great background story where she had many jobs before becoming the major brand and household name that she is today. Many people do not know that she use to model taking the train to the city every day. She also worked at a brokerage on Wall Street. More on here story here. We look forward to hearing Martha Stewart speak next month at an event with the National Association of Professional Women.

Just because you weren't born rich doesn't mean you can't be successful. It just takes a willingness to learn even if it's not through traditional means such as school. Martha searched for different ways where she could combine all of her passions. She was very fortunate in being able to do so.
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